About Industrial Expressionism

Soterios explained that "The shapes and forms of my art encompass both the feminine and masculine that exist universally within our earthly environment and also in the collective subconscious that binds us together. Severe force and tender mercy exist in all of us and when you can reconcile and balance these concepts, you have symmetry, balance, and the intangible perfection of the abstract. Viscerally, abstract work calls to us, because it is an expression of our turmoil and the unbreakable ecstatic spirit. It boldly calls to its viewer to take what he wants from its curves and edges. Every interpretation is truth. This art will belong to everyone whose glance may fall upon it."

It’s “Industrial Expressionism” I was informed by my dad about a year ago, as I admired the sculpture that stood before me, I found myself falling in love with the term. “It is” I exclaimed.

Chryssafenia Gardiakos

February 4, 2006


All designs copyright © 2006 Anthony Falk. All artwork and artist samples copyright © 2006 Soterios Gardiakos. All rights reserved.