Links of Interest

Family Links

Vas Gardiakos - my brother, a talented artist and musician

Vasiliki Gardiakos - my sister

Chryssafenia Gardiakos - my daughter, a talented painter and musician

Nike Gardiakos - my daughter

Speros Gardiakos - my son

Alexandra Simane - my daughter

Soterios Gardiakos aka Garsot - my cousin

Friends and Professional Sites of Interest

Gryphon Designs Ltd. - for all things creative, web, photos, graphics, & animation

Saatchi online - artist community site

International Sculpture Center - for all things sculpture

Peter N. Gray & Metal-i-Genics Studio - intriguing and talented studio, worth a look!

Sculpture Community - diverse community dedicated to sculpture

Greek Film Center - diverse community dedicated to the arts - see issue 13 pgs 62-63 for an article on my collections !


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